A multidisciplinary meeting now in its fifth edition, aiming to showcase and discuss recent discoveries that are radically changing the picture of gene and chromatin regulation, as system-level organisational mechanisms emerge to play key roles. We welcome contributions exploiting quantitative approaches both in experiment and modelling, from biology and medicine to chemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematics and physics. This edition will have a focussed session on communities. Other topics will include cellular decision-making (cell division, death, differentiation, plasticity), single cell and population physiology, chromatin & protein machines (molecular focus), stem cells, development (tissues and organism), high-throughput genomics, large-scale views of the regulatory code, chromatin and epigenetics. 

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline: [extended]

7 September 2019

Early registration deadline:

28 October 2019

Extended Registration deadline:

5 December 2019 12pm